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Share Users Across Groups
The system requires only one login, no matter how many groups you are a part of! Users need only remember their email address and password for ready access to their groups, making the assigning process even more seamless. The system lets admins know if an official has been booked by another assigner, no matter what other group the official belongs to. No more double booking!
View Available Official to Assign
Know who you want to assign to a game? Our new Manual Assigning system lets you skip all the filtering, and go right to the person you want to assign. When you try to assign them, you'll be notified of any issues they may have, and you can then choose if you want to continue.
Advanced Data Searching Capabilities
Tired of searching though too much data? Use the new filters to quickly locate an official.
Block Partners
Allow your officials to block partners they may not wish to officiate with. With you have the option to allow them to block up to a certain number of partners. It's up to you; our very flexible new permissions system allows you to customize the capabilities of your officials.
Block Dates
Tired of entering each official's availability yourself? With our new online version, let your officials sign in and do it themselves.
Do you want to see this for yourself? Take a tour.
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